Bearded Iris from Seeds

David Maxwell
Fri, 26 Feb 2010 20:25:31 PST
Hi All,

last June a few of my bearded iris produced seed pods and set seed from
March's blooms.

I'd never had my iris set seed I'd never tried growing them from
seed before.

I let the seeds dry out completely...then in August or September soaked them
for a few days...and planted them in a tray of potting soil.

Well, after a few months of no-action I figured they weren't viable...and
dumped the trays into the mulch bin.

Well, last week I was emptying the mulch bin and discovered about a dozen or
so little green single-leafed iris sprouts...with a very interesting
filament growing downward along side the leaf.

They had been growing completely buried under potting soil.

I was impressed.

So I carefully lifted as many as I could find and put them in little
pots...and now they're growing just fine.

My iris are about to start I'll have to give cross-pollinating
a try and see if anything comes of it.

Anyone have experience hybridizing & growing iris from seeds?

I'd be curious.


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