Narcissus romieuxii

Jim McKenney
Thu, 25 Feb 2010 08:23:06 PST
There are several accessions of Narcissus romieuxii here (all from Jane) but
none is in bloom yet. I’ve only been able to get to the frames and open them
since about four days ago – there was that much snow! 


What are in bloom are plants received as N. cantabricus foliosus and N.
albidus kesticus. These have been in bloom for weeks: in the cold frame they
last and last. I’ll bet if they were to bloom in April they would last only
a few days. 


The plant received as “albidus kesticus” intrigues me: it’s the largest
flowered of any hoop petticoat I’ve ever seen. As I know them, the flowers
of most of the hoop petticoat sorts are about the size of an almond. The
flowers of “albidus kesticus” are much bigger; I have not measured them, but
the corona looks big enough to comfortably cup a nickel. 


This year I’ve had one daffodil or another in bloom in the cold frames since
some time in September. 


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