Dennis' old homestead Iris

James Waddick
Thu, 11 Feb 2010 19:41:31 PST
>Dennis sent a picture to the list of his Iris. But we don't allow
>attachments so it didn't get through. I've uploaded it to the wiki.
>If you all would like to name it, we could perhaps add it to a page.

Dear Dennis,
	I almost mentioned this iris, Iris 'Flavescens' 
( in my list of old 
homestead bulbs as I have seen this in places along the roads in KS, 
along an old cemetery and sometimes just scattered.

	The color is more true in Denis' pic with a hint of grey to 
the pale yellow.

	Regardless of the species sounding name, it is a cultivar of 
collected, probably hybrid, origin.

	Old, sturdy and long lasting.		Jim W.
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