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Fri, 12 Feb 2010 07:12:37 PST
To All:
I have about 12 3 gal. nursery buckets full of the Neomarica caeruleas that took the full brunt of 17 degree weather back in Dec. We live in zone 9, in southeast Texas and I wasn't expecting that low temp. We were told  low 20's but got the teens sprung on us at the last minute and I wasn't prepared to cover all my other tropicals.The temps hung on for at least a week, if it had only been a few hours they might have made it.  I haven't had the time nor the heart to go and inspect whether I have any "green" at the base of the fans.
 Same as with my nun's orchids and hybrids. Did not have e enough space nor time to protect everything, so those all have "black" leavs now. It will be interesting to see if they recover, also. There is green on these psuedobulbs at the base of the leaves, so I'm hoping they will survive.

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>You do realize that this Brazilian Neomarica caerulea is not very  
>hardy?  The A-Z Encyclopedia of Cultivated Plants says 50F/10C  
>minimum?!?!  That's ridiculous.  In Pasadena it has survived  
>temperatures as low as 18F for short periods (overnight).  But from  
>what I am hearing on weather reports from your area, I think this  
>would not be a good time to send it to you.  What is the normal last  
>frost date for you?  My guess is that it would be better to send it  
>to you in May, and by then it would run less risk of freezing in  
>transit.  Why don't you send me an email about that time and remind  
>me of my promise.  If this won't work for you, please let me know.
>John C. MacGregor
>South Pasadena, CA
>USDA Zone 9
>Sunset Zones 21/23
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