winter weather
Wed, 10 Feb 2010 03:54:10 PST
Jim McKinney's 'adventure' doesn't sound too much fun. In a similar vein my youngest daughter and I went to check on the Highland cattle on Christmas morning, its all the same to the hairy coos, and in passing we were confronted with the spectacle of the nursery's polytunnel [?hoophouse?] having totally collapsed under the weight over overnight snow 1.2 metres deep on top of the frosted skin at - 22 C which, we had cleared the previous deposit off on Christmas eve. Sixty metres long x ten metres wide, the polythene cover didn't give but the steel poles bent like wax matchsticks despite central snow poles right down the mid ridge specifically to stop that happening. It has taken friends, family and neighbours off and on for  the last week to dig out and cut away the plastic to free off the plant stock because the next big dump was forecasted for yesterday, it didn't come but at 11 am this morning it has. Global warming I suppose, we haven't seen black earth here for 10 weeks and our normal snow events don't usually start 'till now. Thankfully we have a solid fuel stove which cooks and heats otherwise we would be in some difficulty too. Ever the philosopher youngest rug-rat [ 29] observed "nobody hurt, nobody died...that has to be a result" Not from where I am standing / sitting.


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