J. Agoston agoston.janos123@gmail.com
Sun, 21 Feb 2010 20:21:34 PST
Dear Ina,

Here we have a bunch of white butterflies. We also grow a lots of Brassicas.
Some of the white butterflies don't feed on cabbages, so it is hard to tell
if the flour was useful, even if they were flying there that doesn't mean it
is their host plants. I took my time and watched them for a while, and from
around 10 butterfly pairs only 1 started to lay eggs. The other thig is that
here we have some very good parasitoids. In one autumn a professor wanted to
raise Pieris brassicae from the caterpillars, and collected around 50. In a
few days time all caterpillars started to "grow" a kind of wooly mass, there
were the cods of the parasitoids. He got hundreds of adult parasitoids but
no white butterfly.

Unfortunately i don't know if there is any kind of repellent or biological
pest control for daffodil grubs. Here we have only 1 generation in a year,
and it is said that it feeds only on weak or disease infected bulbs.

Hope this helps.
Z5a, Hungary

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