amaryllis 911

Dennis Kramb
Tue, 16 Feb 2010 12:45:22 PST
I am trying to grow 4 bulbs of Hippeastrum roseum.  The bulbs of this dwarf
plant are golf ball sized.  After weeks of waiting, two of them started to
produce leaves, which promptly withered to brown and now black.  The bulbs
seem firm, but have no roots.  The leaves only grew a few millimeters before

The bulbs arrived during a severe cold snap.  They were outdoors for at
least 8 hours in freezing temperatures (if I remember it got as cold as 10
deg F that day).

I'm not sure if these bulbs were effectively DOA, or if I'm doing something
else wrong (i.e. over-watering) that is killing them off.  At any rate, I
have two more that might survive.  I'm tempted to unpot them and store them
a couple months in a cool dry dark place.

Do you guys have any other suggestions?

Other varieties of Hippeastrums that arrived in the same package are sending
up flower stalks... and others are still totally dormant.  It's a bit

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