Bearded Iris from Seeds

James Waddick
Fri, 26 Feb 2010 21:22:45 PST
Dear David and all,

	Just about all Iris can be grown from seed and some are 
extremely easy. Every new cultivar of bearded iris, whether it is a 
tall bearded or miniature dwarf is essentially a seedling. That's 
what hybridizers do. Thosands of bearded iris are grown from seed 
each year and a few are selected for naming and introduction.

	I grow numerous species from seed - from minature Iris 
cristata to giant Louisiana iris and lots in between.

	You had the right idea, but gave up too soon. Bearded iris 
can produce their first flowers within about 3 seasons of growth 
depending on a number of variables. Some produce flowers the first 
year, some take longer than three years.

	You can get the basics of germination of Iris seeds here

	I don't know where you are - especially if your iris are 
blooming now, but I suggest you plant these outdoors in a prepared 
bed near your other iris and tend them carefully and give them a 
little extra water to reduce stress. Once you have your own seedlings 
and they bloom, you'll be eager to try more. Join a local iris club 
or a national group and enjoy.

			Good luck.		Jim W.
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