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Well, if it's any consolation for our horticultural breathern in Scotland, the NYC area has seen more than its usual amount of snow.  The latest storm dropped over a foot where I live, but a lot depended on where you were, as it had strong west to east gradient, ending up as much less snow a few miles to the east of us in CT. I saw the first crocus open in my school garden 18 mi north of here last Monday, and some aconites were not far behind.  Now they are entombed again, and school shut down at 11:30 on Thursday (had a treacherous trip back home) and was closed again today--we have not had one solid week of school since the end of Jan without either a snow day, 2 hr delay, or early dismissal.  NYC schools were closed, the 9th time in 30 years, I believe--since NYC relies heavily on subways, and is always hard up for money (they lose state money when schools close) it has to be really bad for them to close their schools. 
So, after a back breaking shoveling out of the front walks (driveway will wait till tomorrow), what else can be done to dispel the gloom--I planted more seeds indoors, of course!
Spring will get here, eventually....
Ernie DeMarie   Tuckahoe NY z6/7  
Where today's germinators included Agathosma ovata and Rhodocoma capensis (indoors, of course!)

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 We have been told we are under much more snow than at Vancouver's Winter
lympics and have more snow here than has been recorded in the past 150
ears plus. Its all getting a bit boring now!

 Ce la vie,  Iain
Old timey farmers in New England used to call snow the "poor man's
ertilizer".  You have been blessed.
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