Dennis' old homestead Iris

Adam Fikso
Tue, 16 Feb 2010 18:39:14 PST
Jim and others --The color diffeence between Dennis's iris and this one is 
not just a matter of photography.  I'm very inclined to think of them as 
different irises and argue the point.  Useless though-- lacking DNA analysis 
or even a water or alcohol or gas chromatograph.

They might even look different under UV light.

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> James Waddick wrote:
>>> Dennis sent a picture to the list of his Iris. But we don't allow
>>> attachments so it didn't get through. I've uploaded it to the wiki.
>>> If you all would like to name it, we could perhaps add it to a page.
>> Dear Dennis,
>> I almost mentioned this iris, Iris 'Flavescens'
>> ( in my list of old
>> homestead bulbs as I have seen this in places along the roads in KS,
>> along an old cemetery and sometimes just scattered.
>> The color is more true in Denis' pic with a hint of grey to
>> the pale yellow.
>> Regardless of the species sounding name, it is a cultivar of
>> collected, probably hybrid, origin.
>> Old, sturdy and long lasting. Jim W.
> Jim! I think that's it!  Thank you so much.  I never would have figured
> that out.  It's stubborn at setting seeds.... which encourages me to
> believe it's not a true species... but perhaps an unbalanced hybrid.
> Anyway, it's nice to finally put a name with the face.  Though I've
> called it Wild Lakota for so long, it'll be hard to stop.
> Dennis in Cincy, buried under 200 ft. of snow.
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