Chirstmas in Feb?

Justin Smith
Tue, 23 Feb 2010 14:09:14 PST



Well I got my mail today and saw your package. WooHoo as I walked back to the house I said to myself this is just like Christmas! Then I stopped and looked around. Overcast sky, trying to drizzle, cold and a bit windy. With PRESENTS!!! Just like Christmas!! lol


Needless to say Christmas here is usually cold and raining but trying to drizzle is close enough. 


Wow what a treasure trove and cool and interesting things! Thanks. 


Oh to be able to travel to anywhere to collect seed would be fun. Well ok travel out of the county anyway. lol. When I go out taking pictures along with what seed I can find. I normally don't leave my county. Gas cost mostly but also don't want to get too far out and break down. My hobby really does not reflect my true social/economic standing accurately. lol Though a good look at my car/camera and me you would tell quite quickly. lol Being unable to work does have its drawbacks.


I want to thank you very much for the wide variety of items. I can't wait to get things going! Though I recently had surgery and cant lift anything over 5 lbs so I might have to delay a few things. 


I do see a few white roots on the A. canwilliamgloria bulbs. So I will get them out ASAP with my other SA bulb seedlings. 


I can't wait to get the Vellozia started. So little information about them. Ever so hard to find seed or plants makes me so eager to try and get one to bloom size. Though my luck with them in the past is abismal. I got the seed from Brazil Plants and Seed by Mauro Peixoto a couple of years ago.


I have always wanted to try some of the Andesonia sp. and an unknown Erythrina wooot! I love the them. The ones that are native here are nice. I have had bloom stalks over my head. Now if I was only 5'2" that would not be much but I am 6'4".  I have the "Plow breaker" E. zeyheri. Two years ago I planted 2, one year old plants in my front yard. One died quite promptly but on survived. I don't know how old they need to be before they bloom but it is 3 years old and maybe this year.


The pepper seed. I dont have any peppers but I grew up along the border with Mexico. In Laredo 6 years, Del Rio 8 years and I lived 5 years in San Antonio. So yeah I know all about peppers. LOL  Friend chicken and Jalepenos hmnmmmmmm..


Thanks for the pots too. I have wanted to order some of the pots from Stuewe... but wanted to see what they were like before I bought a pig in poke. I can certainly see how unstable they would be by themselves. That was a big question for me. Though I was thinking of some a bit shorter. 


The cycads were quite a surprise. Some time back I looked up seed sources but decided importing cycad seed was just too much hassle with cities and the like. Several years ago when I was just ordering and didnt know anyting about needing anything to import seed. I ordered some Zamia roezlii seed from Mr. West at Guaycuyacu seed in Ecuador. I got me a small packet of seed but got very good germination. Oh the new leaves are so beautiful. Mine are about 3 or 4 years old now. And need to be repotted into deeper containers this year. They are in 3 to 5 gal nursery pots now so I am sure they might be a bit touching bottom.


If you would like one let me know. They don't like full sun but they don't seem to mind East Texas heat and humidity. Though not sure how they will like hot and dry. They are in my green house or should I say large cold frame. Where I have my SA bulb seedlings. I try to keep it from freezing. Though this winter I am sure it got cold enough to freeze since my last two chocolate relative trees died. Though only a few of the Zamia leaves got freezer burns. 


Sorry this is so long. But since you enjoy strange and interesting plants, I have to ask you about Browneopsis ucayalina.


I got some seed of this from Mr. West at…


Mine did not fair so well. I tried to get some more but Mr West wont return my emails. lol I guess he got mad at me. I am quite unsure exactly why he wont reply to me. It is either that he did not like it that I would order a few seed then order a few more then order a few more. The seed are so expensive I could not afford to loose more than a few at a time due to lost mail. Or it might have been that I asked him to make right the rotted seed he sent me. or to make right the wrong seed he sent me.. twice. Or it might have been that I asked him to send green alive Anthurium seed instead of the brown dead ones. twice. lol. 


I guess what I am asking is if you ever decide to order some of those Browneopsis seed I will gladly pay you for a few extra in your order. Yes I realize I can loose my money without seeing any seed. lol just part of normal international shipping. I had a package from S Africa to vanish for 6 months. only to have it show up two months after the replacement seed showed up. Too bad the people didn't turn down my offer to pay for both orders. lol. I felt so quilty about saying my seed didnt arrive that I swore I would never mention again about not getting my shipment. lol 


OH by the way it is now just like Christmas it has started to rain. lol


Take care and thank you again for everything. It made my week!. Well my week so far that is.... lol







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