carnivorous plants

Jim McKenney
Wed, 10 Feb 2010 13:43:39 PST
Dennis, the structure from which the flytrap grows is formed from swollen
leaf bases - so yes, it is definitely a bulb, a dicot bulb at that. Drosera,
closely related to Dionaea, also forms a bulb. Some of the tropical Drosera
have an extended dormant period during which they survive months of utterly
dry conditions as bulbs.  


For best results, I would get all of these plants out of the terrarium,
where they are almost certain to have a long, drawn out death and get them
into full blazing sun (or, given your location, the brightest, most intense
indoor light you can provide). 


It’s been snowing all day here (on top of nearly 30” from the weekend). I
think I just heard that the state highways will be closed tomorrow. 


What is it about SUVs (fine vehicles in the hands of the right driver) and
pit bulls (a fine dog in the hands of the right owner) that attract



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