John C. MacGregor
Thu, 11 Feb 2010 18:36:14 PST
On Feb 11, 2010, at 5:10 PM, mark zukaitis wrote:

> I think the last week freezing is the last week of February or  
> first week of March.


That surprises me!  Here in southern California our traditional safe  
tomato planting date is March 15.  Some years we have no frost at  
all, but I have known really killing frosts as late as April 22.

Do you have a greenhouse?  Go ahead and plant the start from David.   
If that doesn't survive, let me know in May and I'll replace it  
then.  But remember, this is a tropical plant.  It is not likely to  
survive your zone 7 Baltimore winters outdoors--even if they are  
considerably warmer than this year.

John C. MacGregor
South Pasadena, CA
USDA Zone 9
Sunset Zones 21/23

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