Dennis Kramb
Tue, 19 Jan 2010 22:22:09 PST
A while ago here on PBS I sought some advice about buying Hippeastrums 
that I remembered having when I was younger.  Well I bought from two 
different places.  And all the bulbs from one of the places are now 
blooming.  And I have to say I'm disappointed.

3 of the 4 bulbs are mislabeled.  The yellow one is blooming white.  The 
small pink trumpet shaped one is a large flat round pink one.  And the 
bicolor red/white one is almost entirely red.  Regardless, I'm enjoying 
them, and it took me a while to even notice the mix-up anyway.  But I'm 
annoyed that 75% of my order was wrong.

Now I'm anxious to see how the other nursery's bulbs perform.

Dennis in Cincinnati

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