Is there a U.S. version of phytosanitary requirement

Pamela Harlow
Thu, 14 Jan 2010 09:47:55 PST

Not to hijack the plant discussion, but since you ask about cold events and
global warming, I recommend  Cliff Mass is a
University of Washington atmospheric scientist who communicates clearly.  He
is a scientist, not an ideologue.  Try these 2009 postings: January 5,
August 9, 17, and 22, December 15 and 21.  These should answer your


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From what I gather you are wanting to know if APHIS (US Customs) is using
the newest rules for inspection for a Phyto when it issues a re-export phyto
for shipments from the Netherlands through the US and on to Taiwan?


Good question. It is my understanding that all official US Government
documents are named/numbered/dated in some way. Anyone want to confirm that?
Without knowing the NEW documents name/number/date it would be of no use to
call any of the APHIS offices to ask if they are using the new rules.
Because what ever book/paper they pull out of their desk will be to them the
"newest rules." I have had that happen to me before more than once, though
not in dealing with APHIS. 


If you know the number/name/date of the new rule, a call to the exact port
that handles the re-export PHYTO to Taiwan "SHOULD" easily answer that
question if they have the newest rules.  I would guess that the port for
Taiwan would be in Los Angeles California maybe. I have no idea on that.
Prior paper work would tell you that. 




Woodville, TX 8b/9a


If global warming is real how come we here just had the lowest temps in over
20 years for this time of year?



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> Subject: [pbs] Is there a U.S. version of phytosanitary requirement
> Hello Hafsteinn:
> Thanks for your reply.
> I think I should make my question more clearly.
> I had got several time of needs of replacement of phytosanitary
certificate while importing from Netherlands.
> 1. Due to the full botanical name, only genus name is not always
acceptable. Because the species in the same genus may still have different
quarantine requirements , or even some of them are weed for Taiwan while
other species are not.
> 2. There are always lack of some pest in the additional declarations on
the phytosanitary certificate. 
> 3. If the species are re-export,, the pest status of all the countries
they are produced and repacked in will be considered. And re-export phyto is
different from export phyto.
> 4. "Time lag". The inspector could only issue the phytosanitary
certificate according to the manual now, even the newest quarantine
requirement are just on the way to his office. (The inspector had contact
the main office in Wageningen before shipping once time, but I still need to
got a replacement finally at that time. )
> So I would like to know that if the APHIS have release the newest manual
to the inspectors or on the internet for reference.
> (Maybe It is just because that my orders are mostly not the usual bulk
species such as Tulipa and lilium bulbs from Netherlands to Taiwan.)
> Best Regards
> Su-Hong-Ciao
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