Is there a U.S. version of phytosanitary requirement

Thu, 14 Jan 2010 20:53:20 PST
It's my problem too. I also want to know how U.S. inspector handle with 

But seriously, the pest status differs even in a country. (Off course, the 
pest which is harmful to Tawan may not make damage to Canada. )
And here is the english version of the regulations in Taiwan. (It will vary)…
And you can see some pest in some country, such as U.S, Canada, and 
Australia differs from states to states. some species cloud be ship to 
Taiwan from some states and not from other states.

Though the pest which is harmful to Taiwan may not harmful to the plants in 
Netherlands and U.S.
But basically speaking, there are climates from tropical to arctic in 
different altutudes in Taiwan, so the pest from overseas may easily find 
ther own niche in Taiwan.

And more definitely, according to the regulations. If there are two species 
which have the same quarantine requirement in a package, and only found the 
pest in one species, and if the package could not filter and separate the 
pest from and between the 2 species, then all of these will need a more 
serious quarantine.
In the case, what i have bought. There are no inter filter between species 
in the box.

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> Back to the plants and their travels:
> I am puzzled.  If bulbs or plants are ordered from the Netherlands, I
> would assume they would be airmailed to the buyer.  If there is not a
> direct flight between the Netherlands and the buyer's country,  the
> airmail needs to be transferred to a different plane in a third
> country, like the U.S.  Surely the packages will have been sorted
> already, so there will be bags of mail destined for Japan or Taiwan.
> Those bags should not need inspection by the U.S. agricultural
> inspectors.  They will probably need to be sniffed by bomb-sniffing
> dogs, but that has nothing to do with plant inspection.
> Can someone explain?
> Diane Whitehead
> Canada
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