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At last
something I can speak on with some knowledge on.  Climate has been rising
- fast for the last 18,000 years or so.  18,000 years ago Walrus lived
around San Francisco Bay.  People came to North American at about that
time although the evidence is sketchy and they likely came again later.
 We (human-kind) have not been of sufficient numbers or able polluting enough
till this past century to make any difference in the climate.  The current
rise in temperatures is on an order of what was happening between about 20,000
and 7,000 years ago.  Also temperatures have been higher and much lower
than present in the past.  Not to say that we are not causing an increase
in global warming, as I believe we are, but I see studies and comments all the
time that do not take the long view of climate change. We need to do something
but lets be honest in our discussions and politics.  


to comment on the last million years there have been a number of times when
temperatures have been both higher and lower than present - perhaps five or
more of each!  Climate change is natural - but we're not helping and I pray we
don't overload the system to our determent. 


Charles & Barbara Powell

American Dendrobatid Group


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The data are irrefutable:  The earth's atmosphere and oceans are warming at 
a rate much faster than the history of the last 1,000,000 years or so 
suggest they should be.  The difference between 100,000 years ago and today 
is the presence and consequences of about 6 billion additional members of 
the species Homo sapiens.

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