Was "Bulb -ophiles rejoice" - now Seed exchanges.

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Mon, 25 Jan 2010 21:47:47 PST
>\>	It is a lovely 44ยข stamp with 5 fully
>  > open blossoms. You can almost smell the fragrance.
>I must protest!  My order didn't arrive with any such stamp.
>Harrumph!!!   :)

Dear Dennis,
	This is the time of year for seed 
exchanges. Having been part of one for a couple 
years now it is amazing they get done at all. 
Speaking for the SIGNA seed exchange with only 
460 or so items, we have to marshal everyone we 
can collar to count and fill 7,000 seed 
envelopes, apply the correct specific labels 
(another 7,000), organize the packets and then 
fill orders, pack them, deal with customs info 
for foreign orders and an enormous amount of 
details.  How do really big seed exchanges every 
get organize, have enough helpers, and deal with 
all the minute details that are needed?

	And you expect nice stamps, too?? We're 
feeling lucky to survive hours at the postal 
counter - literally ! - to post the orders around 
the world. Even normally friendly postal clerks 
get surly when they see us coming.

	I have been speaking with a writer from 
the Wall St Journal doing a piece on 'The 
Wonderful World of Seed Exchanges'.  It's a 

	But what would we do without these seed 
exchanges and at a time of year when they are so 

		Best		Jim W.

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