Dennis Kramb
Sat, 23 Jan 2010 13:58:26 PST
> The moral is that if you are buying bulbs from any ordinary commercial source, 
> you must assume the name is wrong until demonstrated otherwise. For the sake of 
> one's peace of mind, calm digestion, and blood pressure, it's also advisable 
> not to get worked up over misnamings. Just view the whole thing as something of 
> a crap shoot that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

After some cajoling from a plant enthusiast friend of mine, I wrote back 
to the mail order nursery and told them of the mix-up.  They wanted to 
replace the mis-labeled amaryllises, but I declined.  I have too many 
already, and I was leery of getting more mis-labeled plants.  I 
explained that the impostors were almost what I wanted, but were 
essentially generic versions of the more exotic varieties I was 
expecting.  They wrote back again with other offers to make me a 
satisfied customer.  They offered a full refund or a credit towards 
purchasing something else.  So... my cajoling friend suggested some 
dahlias for the spring.

I was surprised by their persistence.  And I'm too easily excited to 
refuse free plants!  So I asked for some dahlias as my friend 
suggested.  I'll share them with him, since he's a big dahlia lover.  
And without him I'd've never got them.

I'm pretty happy with the outcome.  I'll give them a good write-up on 
the garden watchdog.

Dennis in Cincinnati

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