Is there a U.S. version of phytosanitary requirement

Hafsteinn Haflieason
Thu, 14 Jan 2010 03:46:58 PST
Dear Fierycloud.

I am by no means an expert on phytosanitary matters. I live in Iceland, wich 
is an island republic east of Greenland in the North-Atlantic and has a 
semi-arctic, oceanic climate. The growing season up here is quite a short 
period - starting in May and due in September. The summer climate is rather 
wet, windy and chilly - and the winters are long, dark, wet, windy and 
relatively warm although we can never be sure how "today's" or "to-morrow's" 
weather will turn out. Right now - at 10:00 GMT/hours - the daylight is just 
"bursting on", it is rainy with temperatures around 8°C [46°F].

In my country a plain "International Phytosanitary Certificate" from the 
country of export is sufficient for import of plants. It is provided by 
phytosanitary authorities in the country of export, but must be asked for by 
the exporter and issued after authentic inspection. [Might be costly if it 
is out of the ordinary rutines!] This is what applies for ordinary and 
commercial plants of horticultural and agricultural origin. For wild plants 
and plants for forestry-cultivation are specific rules, set by individual 
states and international treaties.

You live in Taiwan - wich is also an island. Island-states have to stick to 
strict rules for plantimports in order to  avoid invasive alien species that 
might be a threat to the natural flora. I think that there must be an 
official authority in Taiwan, like Agricultural or Environmental 
adminstration, who issues rules and lists on what you can import and what 
not. To me it seems the easiest way for you to find out is that you should 
contact the agricultural/environmental authority in your country and ask for 
extensive information.

I think you will find all information APHIS can provide on their website.

Best wishes,


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Hello Hafsteinn:
Thanks for your reply.

I think I should make my question more clearly.

I had got several time of needs of replacement of phytosanitary certificate 
while importing from Netherlands.
1. Due to the full botanical name, only genus name is not always acceptable. 
Because the species in the same genus may still have different quarantine 
requirements , or even some of them are weed for Taiwan while other species 
are not.
2. There are always lack of some pest in the additional declarations on the 
phytosanitary certificate.
3. If the species are re-export,, the pest status of all the countries they 
are produced and repacked in will be considered. And re-export phyto is 
different from export phyto.
4. "Time lag". The inspector could only issue the phytosanitary certificate 
according to the manual now, even the newest quarantine requirement are just 
on the way to his office. (The inspector had contact the main office in 
Wageningen before shipping once time, but I still need to got a replacement 
finally at that time. )
So I would like to know that if the APHIS have release the newest manual to 
the inspectors or on the internet for reference.

(Maybe It is just because that my orders are mostly not the usual bulk 
species such as Tulipa and lilium bulbs from Netherlands to Taiwan.)

Best Regards


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