Diane Whitehead
Fri, 15 Jan 2010 12:29:49 PST
We took our grandchildren to Namibia last March.  We spent a week  
around Windhoek and saw lots of animals on a game farm, and enough  
flowers to be interesting for me. We avoided malarial areas as we did  
not want to give anti-malarial medication to the children.

  It had rained a lot, and there was lush grass all around.  In these  
conditions, the animals disperse because there is food and water  

There weren't any bulbs flowering.  Instead, Aptosimum, Peliostomum,  
Sesamum, Asclepias,  some brightly coloured Astragalus-like plants,  

The place to get up-to-date information is on one of the internet  
forums.  The one I used is…
A current query there is on where to see meerkats, and there are nine  
responses already.

Diane Whitehead

On 14-Jan-10, at 3:11 PM, J.E. Shields wrote:

> Hi all,
> My wife and I are thinking about visiting Namibia in a year or two.   
> She
> wants to see animals, and I want to see plants.
> Where should we go in Namibia?  When should we go so I  can see some  
> plants
> growing or, preferably, blooming?  Any tour companies or guides to
> recommend?  Any special parks, reserves, refuges, etc. that are best  
> for
> seeing animals?  Where to stay?  (I am not into roughing it in the  
> bush.)
> We have lots of time to make plans.
> Thanks,
> Jim Shields
> in Westfield, Indiana
> where thankfully Anthropogenic Global Warming is finally reasserting
> itself.  Some of the ice even started melting off my driveway today!
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