Alophia drummondii seed info

Alberto Castillo
Fri, 01 Jan 2010 16:32:20 PST
Hi Dennis, a great 2010. 


One of the reasons is that the Herbertia that grows in Texas is distributed as Alophia drummondii. In my case, at least three times I have flowered "Alophia" with Herbertia flowers. 


As usual, Justin observations are of great interest. True Alophia seeds do not seem to germinate together.

There is a lot we need to know about this species in the wild, other than it grows in acid sandy soils. 







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> Alberto Castillo wrote:
> > That is a much sought after species 
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> I just sent Dell some Alophia drummondii seeds a few days ago, for the 
> next PBS-BX. Quite a coincidence that you guys are discussing it now!!!
> Oh, and happy new year!
> Dennis in Cincinnati
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