Michael Phillips
Sat, 23 Jan 2010 09:29:17 PST
Hello Dennis - 

I'm sorry to say, this is very common.  This year I ordered 30 hippeastrum
bulbs from the supposedly "reputable" suppliers and 10 out of the 30 were

I'm demanding my money back from one supplier and I'm demanding a
substantial credit to my account from another.  Both were 3-bulb orders.
Another supplier got 2 out of 3 right on another 3-bulb order.

If you are buying from the big box stores forget about it.  It is a
crap-shoot.  I don't care what it says/shows on the box, the best you can
hope for is a healthy bulb and that it is not an absolute dog, in terms of
color, pattern, and so on.   

I'm relatively knew to the world of hippeastrums, but I often wonder if this
hasn't been going on for decades and we are just now recognizing the problem
because information, including pictures, is readily available via the
Internet.  How long have these suppliers have been shipping the wrong bulbs,
perhaps knowingly, and/or blatantly engaging in false advertising?

I've considered it might be more productive to trade with honest collectors
who have seen the bulbs bloom and forget about buying from the traditional

Hang in there.
MikeP/Central Florida      


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A while ago here on PBS I sought some advice about buying Hippeastrums that
I remembered having when I was younger.  Well I bought from two different
places.  And all the bulbs from one of the places are now blooming.  And I
have to say I'm disappointed.

3 of the 4 bulbs are mislabeled.  The yellow one is blooming white.  The
small pink trumpet shaped one is a large flat round pink one.  And the
bicolor red/white one is almost entirely red.  Regardless, I'm enjoying
them, and it took me a while to even notice the mix-up anyway.  But I'm
annoyed that 75% of my order was wrong.

Now I'm anxious to see how the other nursery's bulbs perform.

Dennis in Cincinnati

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