Amaryllidaceae website

David Ehrlich
Tue, 19 Jan 2010 16:34:14 PST
So what's its URL?

From: Justin Smith <>
Sent: Tue, January 19, 2010 12:54:02 PM
Subject: [pbs] Amaryllidaceae website

Hi All,

Upon looking around the web I came across this website in French. (Thank goodness for Google Translate) 

It appears that this person/persons is putting into one website a one place to start your search for info on Amaryllids. Including some information on where they occure in nature,where to find culture information, where to find pics of plants and including internet sources for bulbs/seed ect. 

Google translate must to pretty good because even I could understand most of it. 

Just something interesting I came across. 


Woodville, TX 8b/9a

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