pbs Digest, Vol 84, Issue 12 re haemanthus norteri

cgeat25049@aol.com cgeat25049@aol.com
Wed, 20 Jan 2010 08:08:04 PST
Hello folks,
 Just to add my two cents in about bulbs that tend to stay solitary, I  
know that euphorbia obesa and possibly other succulents that are known  to have 
solitary heads will throw offsets if the growing point is  damaged, ( 
Please don't ask me where the growing point is on a haemanthus   : )  ). Could 
the rare event of solitary haemie's creating pups  occur  because their 
growing points have been damaged ? I also read that damaging the  growing point 
can sometimes kill the plant so that those who decide to blow  torch their 
plant for the sake of creating progeny may get an unpleasant  surprise. : )
 Cherry G

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