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Jacob Knecht
Wed, 28 Jul 2010 14:52:56 PDT
Thank your Mary Sue for reminding us of this wonderful feature.  The reason
I came to join the PBS is because between 2002-2004 I kept seeing the PBS
archives come up in my bulb searches online.  I learnt a huge amount from
what I read and then decided to join.  The discussion archives are a
veritable treasure trove of information for growing all manner of
geophytes.  I love this group!

I have used coir successfully but only as no more than 10% of a mix (with
washed coarse sand, pumice, and charcoal).



On 28 July 2010 13:40, Mary Sue Ittner <> wrote:

> Dear Josh,
> David Pilling created a nice feature on the Pacific Bulb Society web pages
> where you can search previous messages on this list by Google. It wasn't
> working very well recently, but he wrote them and it seems to be much better
> again. Unfortunately they throw in a few ads for good measure, but still you
> can get a list of what people have said in the past when we discussed things
> like potting mixes and using coir. There are some threads that come up from
> time to time and it's always a good place to look first when you have a
> question. Much wisdom has been shared on this list since 2002.
> <>
> As I recall there were some negative responses and some positive ones about
> using coir. On a recent trip to South Africa, I helped Rod and Rachel
> Saunders repot some Scadoxus to sell and they were growing them in pure
> coir, nothing else. When I asked about this, remembering that people had
> said they had lost things using coir, Rod told me that you needed to wash it
> many times before using it to be sure that you have removed the salt from
> it. But then they found it worked quite well. It reminded me that I once
> heard a lecture on insectivorous plants by a man who had written a great
> book about growing them and he lost everything using coir, but I don't know
> if he washed it first.
> Mary Sue
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