Manfreda/Agave virginica

aaron floden
Thu, 01 Jul 2010 09:45:50 PDT
 Manfreda virginica is highly fragrant, especially in the evenings. I was just in the Ouachita's (of Arkansas) and saw about 300-400 stems in flower along a roadside in a very small area about 100 sq feet. These plants were about 4 feet in height. In east TX I saw some scattered plants in a powerline ROW that were nearly 8 feet and strictly upright. In the garden, my Tennessee forms are usually about 6 feet and arching.

 The species varies a lot. The leaf maculation and habit is something to watch for. Most forms have faint red at their leaf bases, but some are glaucous-green - these usually flaccid. I have some from the Ozarks that are relatively stiff leaved, undulate margined and nearly completely red spotted base to apex.


--- On Fri, 7/2/10, Steve Marak <> wrote:


But the flowers on ours are definitely fragrant, as were all of the ones 
in the population from which this one came (now covered with concrete).



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