Australian Native Bulbs

Pamela Slate
Tue, 13 Jul 2010 09:13:50 PDT
I'd like to know if any of you has a list of native Australian geophytes and 
would like for you to share it with me (and all of us).  I'm involved with Boyce 
Thompson Arboretum in Superior, AZ and we have a nice Australian exhibit that 
we'd like to augment with accent bulbs, rhizomes, etc., providing, of course, we 
can find the plant material.  

Distribution information would be most helpful if available, including species 
endemic to surrounding islands.  Perusing the wiki and other resources, I'm 
finding there are but a few species that would succeed in our habitat.  However, 
I'm hoping there are others currently unknown to me that might.

Plant sources would also be appreciated.

Thank you for your help.  

 Pamela Slate
P.O. Box 5316
Carefree AZ 85377 


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