What Got You Here?

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Fri, 23 Jul 2010 11:53:11 PDT
James did you publish your research on PTC,using HIppeastrum? I have been 
finding it very difficult to find information on the invitro cultivation of 
Hippeastrum. I also find it difficult to obtain information on the ploidy of the 
various Hippeastrum species,and varients of them.

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Hello All:
I remembered doing my  Master's with Hippeastrum in vitro propagation and 
looking at references in the library.  I came across Plant Life Journal and a 
few of Herbertia but they ended like in 1989 or something.  I talked to the 
librarian, then tried to find contacts of the International Bulb Society and got 
involved in membership and the IBIS.  Eventually heard about PBS and joined that 
as well and while in CA, visited some members: Charles Hardman, Lee Poulsen, 
etc. (I seem to have forgotten some names-sorry).  I met Dave Lehmiller and 
Cynthia Mueller while here in TX.
James Frelichowski

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Hey, Josh!  I'm sure we're all glad to see enthusiastic young collectors coming 
in.  Hope your collecting impulses result in a great collection for 
you....Cynthia W. Mueller

>>> Josh Young <joshy46013@yahoo.com> 7/22/2010 8:21 PM >>>
Hi All :)

    I just wanted to talk a bit about what got us all where we are now with 
plants, especially geophytes!  What sparked your interest?  When did you know 
you were hooked?

    Well I'm 22, I've loved growing for as long as I can remember!  I used to 
spend my weekly allowence on the small selection of houseplants at different 
supercenters!  Once I had my mother drive me around to every nursery in the 25 
mile radius looking for different carnivours plants I could grow on top of my 
dresser next to my "Furbee".  

Still as ineterested as ever!

Josh Young

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