Sulphur Queen

David Ehrlich
Sun, 04 Jul 2010 12:42:22 PDT
Jim McKenney wrote 
  David, I think the ismene in your photo is not 'Sulfur Queen'.

You may be right -- the plant was sold to me as Sulphur Queen.  I did notice the 
5-fold symmetry, but these were its first flowers.  I think its later flowers 
had 6-fold symmetry.  I have had other plants whose first flowering was 
different from later flowers.  (In particular a Homeria raised from seed, whose 
first two flowers had 4- and 5-fold symmetry, but all of whose later flowers had 
6-fold symmetry.)  Anyway, its color argues against it being a clone of of I. 
narcissifolia.  A hybrid of, perhaps, but that's what Sulphur Queen is.

Currently I am growing a hybrid or clone of I. narcissifolia, and it is white 
except for the green midstripe.  I have collected and am growing its offspring, 
and am anxious to see how like the parents the offspring are.

By the way -- which is the correct spelling:  Sulphur of Sulfur? 

David E.

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