Lycoris season 1

Adam Fikso
Tue, 27 Jul 2010 10:56:11 PDT
Re Lycoris squamigera and its sterile triploid status.  Mutations could have 
crept in over the years so that the sterility is not as complete as it was 
originally, and not due merely to the diploid/triploid mismatch,.  In 
diploid irises, occasionally a pollen grain  or ovum will be tetraploid 
owing to a failure or lapse at meiosis, yielding an incomplete meiosis, with 
subsequent readiness for fertility It could happen with Lycoris, no?

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> Dear Friends,
> As I mentioned earlier, Lycoris season has begun here in Kansas City. I 
> was driving around a day ago and was surprised to see a few L. squamigera 
> in bloom. This is nearly the ONLY Lycoris you see in my area.  My plants 
> have not put on a sign of a flower stalk yet. Hold that thought.
> I have multiple patches of L. squamigera around my 1 acre garden. They 
> usually bloom within a few days of each other, but these new ones are 
> clearly jumping the schedule.
> I can't help but wonder. Any thoughts? Jim W.
> -- 
> Dr. James W. Waddick

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