Searching the archives + What Do You Think Of Coconut Coir?

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 28 Jul 2010 13:40:43 PDT
Dear Josh,

David Pilling created a nice feature on the Pacific Bulb Society web 
pages where you can search previous messages on this list by Google. 
It wasn't working very well recently, but he wrote them and it seems 
to be much better again. Unfortunately they throw in a few ads for 
good measure, but still you can get a list of what people have said 
in the past when we discussed things like potting mixes and using 
coir. There are some threads that come up from time to time and it's 
always a good place to look first when you have a question. Much 
wisdom has been shared on this list since 2002.

As I recall there were some negative responses and some positive ones 
about using coir. On a recent trip to South Africa, I helped Rod and 
Rachel Saunders repot some Scadoxus to sell and they were growing 
them in pure coir, nothing else. When I asked about this, remembering 
that people had said they had lost things using coir, Rod told me 
that you needed to wash it many times before using it to be sure that 
you have removed the salt from it. But then they found it worked 
quite well. It reminded me that I once heard a lecture on 
insectivorous plants by a man who had written a great book about 
growing them and he lost everything using coir, but I don't know if 
he washed it first.

Mary Sue

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