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Dear Lynn,

I grow Hymenocallis graminifolia in a pot - summer growing outside, winter
dormant in above-freezing greenhouse under the bench. It is very dependable
for me but does not offset. So I am trying to increase it from seed. Thad
Howard has it in his book *Bulbs for Warm Climates*.

Best wishes,

Dell Sherk, SE Pennsylvania, Zone 6/7 (though this year it feels like
Manaus, Brasil)

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Hi all,

A few years ago, I received a plant labeled Hymenocallis graminifolium. 
The plant was listed as coming from Mexico.  I cannot find a reference 
to graminifolium.  The plant looks very much like H. traubii...goes 
dormant in the winter...is about 12" with grass-like leaves.  It 
produces a few green typical seeds each year.  Does not seem to require 
boggy conditions.  Has anyone heard of H. graminifolium?

Lynn Makela
In hot and humid Florida

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