Eucomis revisited

Robert Hamilton
Tue, 20 Jul 2010 04:53:54 PDT
Hi Ellen,

I grow a dwarf form of Eucomis autumnalis from Bedford , collected by  
Cameron McMaster.

Raising it under shade clothe I soon noticed it followed a different  
growth habit to other Eucomis  , appearing in late summer and holding  
its leaves until early spring. Its behaviour is not unlike the summer  
rainfall Brunsvigia grandiflora and Brunsvigia gregaria.

This growth pattern has continued in those grown in a pot protected  
somewhat by being close to my home. My first flowering was in late  
autumn and the two flowers are still partially decent in mid  
winter .  Those planted in the open garden have disappeared during  
early winter.  The flower stem is about 30cm tall.


Rob in Tasmania

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