ants & bulbs

Linda Foulis
Wed, 28 Jul 2010 20:00:02 PDT

Wow, thank you everyone for the suggestions and the knowledge that I am not
the only fighting this battle.
As for other critters stealing the bulbs, we're weirdly critter free here in
this end of Red Deer.  It's actually kind of bizarre.  In Calgary the
squirrels were insane and would dig up tulip bulbs no matter deep you put
them.  In Okotoks, it was the same only add in skunks, deer and rabbits.  We
have one squirrel here and it's a tiny red one.  The really odd part is that
there is no disturbance where the bulbs were, the tag was still sticking out
where I put it.  Just no bulbs.  Very odd indeed.

I will try some of the suggestions you all have offered, thank you.

Linda Foulis
Red Deer, AB
Zone 3

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