Lilium lancifolium "Flore Pleno"

James Waddick
Sat, 03 Jul 2010 09:48:08 PDT
>Is Lilium lancifolium "Flore Pleno" a triploid the way the common 
>tiger lily is?

Dear Anita, Not sure, but I assume so. Don't recall seeing seed pods.

>If "Flore Pleno" is usually a triploid, does anyone know of a 
>diploid source of it?

	This blooms later for me and the stem bulbils are slower to 
develop. There's always the 'trick' of having bulbils big enough to 
have a good chance of growing and being so ready they fall off. I do 
plan on harvesting some for the BX so keep alert in the next few 
	Since I am not certain that FP is a triploid (just suspect) 
I can't tell if there's a diploid form, but I sort of doubt it.

>Does Heronswood nursery still sell the diploid form of Lilium 
>lancifolium that Dr. Waddick mentioned?

	Anita send me your address and I'll send you a few of the 
first. Others please wait for the BX listing. This does produce 
fertile seed, but isn't really very weedy here.

	As common as this 'Tiger Lily' is in  gardens, it is a still 
a great source of color. I love it.

	The FP still haven't opened.		LAter		Best 
		Jim W.

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