Amancay/ Tigridia grandiflora

lou jost
Tue, 06 Jul 2010 11:48:07 PDT
Thanks John for the link to the habitat photos of the Amancay reserve in the Peruvian Lomas vegetation. Looks like they have really solved the problem of fading or blowing-away plant labels! 
  I was struck by the photo of a stone-carved label saying Tigridia grandiflora, which is usually considered a synonym of T pavonia. What is that species doing growing there? Is it native or was it introduced (like many plants) by the Inca in trade with Central American cultures? I imagine that it would have been a hot item, since it is edible. Has it evolved distinguishing features that differentiate it from the common forms of T pavonia? 
  T. pavonia is a common enough escaped plant in disturbed areas in Ecuador at 1800m, but the Peruvian lomas are much lower, much hotter, and much drier.  Anybody know anything about this plant? 
Lou Jost 


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