Problem with Haemanthus albiflos

J.E. Shields
Mon, 05 Jul 2010 05:23:50 PDT

I agree with Jacob.  I'll send some bulbs of Haemanthus albiflos to the PBS 
BX once the weather cools down a bit here in Indiana, so go ahead and throw 
away that pot of albiflos right away.

Jim Shields
in hot and humid Westfield, Indiana, USA, where the morning low temperature 
was around 72°F (22 C) and the high is forecast to be 95°F (35 C) this 

At 01:33 AM 7/5/2010 -0700, you wrote:
>Dear Alan,
>Virus is a tricky topic not least because most of us enthusiasts do not have
>access to getting our plants tested by a lab that is set up to detect
>viruses in geophyte plants.  I am not a trained pathologist but I have seen
>many monocots show false signs of virus due to adverse weather, fungal and
>bacterial infections, mealybug damage and nutrient deficiencies.
>Unfortunately the pattern on your plant's leaves has that classic virused
>look and I would say that it is indeed infected.
>Nhu Nguyen and I have added as much information as we have been able to find
>on viruses that affect bulbs and geophytes to the wiki page.  Please see:
>My sincere condolences.  Destroying a beloved plant that is infected is
>never easy on the heart.
>Jacob Knecht
>Berkeley, California

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