Manfreda/Agave virginica - Oauchita's

aaron floden
Thu, 01 Jul 2010 11:52:03 PDT
 There are the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma that are an outstanding area to visit, but maybe not botanically. The Ouachita's of Arkansas and Oklahoma are an outstanding place to visit and to see some interesting plants - the westernmost limit of a lot of eastern North American things, and many endemics, some shared between the Obed River gorge of Tennessee and the Fourche La Fave River.

 The Washita is a river in OK and TX.


--- On Fri, 7/2/10, Jim McKenney <> wrote:
Aaron mentioned "the Ouachita's (of Arkansas)"

Are Ouachita, Washita and Wichita basically the same word given different
phonetic transcriptions? 

Jim McKenney


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