x Amarygia leaves

jim lykos jimlykos@bigpond.com
Tue, 20 Jul 2010 21:04:03 PDT
Hi Alan,

This topic has been well covered by people from this  forum and I have  a 
supplementary  view about the breaks in leaf colour found in most F1 
Amarygias. There is little doubt in my mind about virus infection in the 
clumps of XAmarygia Parkerii  in the Adelaide Botanical gardens labeled 
XAmarygia Parkerii.  However having collected, bought and swapped F1 
Amarygia bulbs from 9 different sources across 4 Australian states - it is 
clear that I have  3 cultivars that are totally free of the leaf colour 
breaks. The past two winter seasons have been very favourable (extra ground 
moisture)  for XAmaygia growth and consequently all but 2 of the Amarygias 
in my collection show no sign of  leaf color breaks this season, just clean 
even coloured bluish/ green leaves.
Two cultivars with larger bulbs and wide ground hugging leaves are the only 
cultivars to retain and perhaps even more strongly express the light green 
(almost yellow) /darker green streaking of all the leaves.  Five of  the 
other seven xAmarygias are clear this season but in other seasons display 
small sections of disruption of the leaf colour light green/blue green.

Having discussed this with a visiting  botanist examining my garden bulb 
collection we came to the conclusion that in most F1 xAmarygias there was an 
incomplete expression of leaf colour in the cross between B. josephinea 
(glaucous leaf) x  Amaryllis belladonna (light green leaf).  This seems to 
be a reasonable conclusion as the leaf colour breaks are not found in 
cultivars of Amaryllis belladonna nor from  the backcrossed cultivars of 
Amaryllis belladonna x F1 xAmarygia - but are found in almost all  F1 
xAmarygia's.   Those cultivars showing yellow streaks covering most of the 
leaf surface are without question infected with a virus.


Jim Lykos
Sydney Blue Mountains

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> xAmarygia ( Amaryllis belladonna x Brunsvigia josephinae) is a common and 
> "old fashioned" bulb here in South Australia.
> It adapts well to our mediterranean climate and has naturalised in many 
> areas - I have seen them growing and flowering at long deserted farm sites 
> in poor soil.
> They flower in Autumn (Fall) immediately after the A belladonna "naked 
> ladies".
> What I am curious about, is that virtually every plant I have seen has 
> yellow streaked leaves.It made me think they are virused
> but I am told by nurseries that sell them that this is normal.
> Refer photos below of plants from a large clump at the Adelaide Botanic 
> Gardens.
> Appreciate comments and observations from PBS members regarding this 
> hybrid.
> http://i254.photobucket.com/albums/hh115/…
> http://i254.photobucket.com/albums/hh115/…
> Alan O'Leary, Adelaide
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