Ellen Hornig
Sat, 10 Jul 2010 05:41:51 PDT
I have to say that I am NOT comfortable - at all - with using PBS for this 
purpose.  While I do not know Dana personally, s/he is on my customer list 
and we have done business with no problem in the past (and no, I will not 
furnish other contact info or otherwise get involved, but I have forwarded 
Dana a copy of the posting so s/he can act as s/he wishes).  I feel strongly 
that this is an inappropriate use of the PBS list.


Ellen Hornig
Seneca Hill Perennials
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Subject: [pbs] Fraud

> Hi,
> A warning to all of you if you see this lady at Ebay the 25 of April this 
> year i bid on a bulb of S cyrtanthiflora and i missed it but i got a 
> second chance via Ebay and i paid 232.00 USD for this rare bulb, crazy as 
> I am but this species is extremely hard to obtain as you all know and very 
> beautiful too!
> And I have not got any bulb in spite of several mails to the seller and my 
> last 5-6 mails has she refused to reply to and it is totally quite from 
> this lady since more than a month ago about this matter.
> Not fun at all to be lurked on a bulb of this dignity and all the money I 
> have paid for it.
> Ebay and PayPal can't help me because the time is limited to 45 days after 
> purchase.
> My last and only chance is to contact an American court of law, but I do 
> not know if it will cost me money if i decide to try this last chance to 
> get neither the bulb or my money back.
> Here is here name:
> Dana C. Harris
> Horticultural Specialist / University of North Carolina @ Charlotte
> 9201 University City Boulevard / Charlotte, NC 28223
> Phone 704-687-2198
> |
> If anyone of you know anything about this lady please let me know via my 
> private email, and it looks not nice at all if she in reality works on the 
> above University, or if everything is a big bluff?
> All this is a really "dirty behaviour" to do against another person.
> I have searched for employees via  and they can't find any 
> employee with this name, odd very odd?
> So now the rest is up to the person/persons that are responsible for this 
> list if you decide to publish this mail or not?
> Best regards
> Tomas Sandberg
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