Jim McKenney
Tue, 13 Jul 2010 13:05:36 PDT
Dennis wrote: “ I had to join the Gesneriad society to get access to their
seedbank when I couldn't find a nursery with Smithianthas in stock.  Now my
windowsills are are filled with little nursery seed pots.”


Dennis, please keep us posted on the progress of your Smithiantha. 


Decades ago, Smithiantha seed was offered each year by Park Seed. That was
my introduction to the genus although I never tried to grow it from seed.
They appealed to me because they were described in some books  as late
summer blooming  and had spikes of bloom – I’ve always wondered if they
would perform well in the garden. To this day I’ve never grown them, but one
of these days I’ll give them a try. 


Good luck with Episcia: I don’t think I know another plant which is so cold
sensitive. Outside during the summer they grow like weeds here. But as soon
as the nights begin to cool off in the fall, the time comes (long before
there has been any hint of frost) when they turn into a pile of mush.  


By the way, Achimines are starting to bloom here now.  



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