Amorphophallus in Ohio?

Adam Fikso
Sat, 17 Jul 2010 21:43:21 PDT
There are many reports of A. rivieri being that hardy.

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>I received a request for information that has intrigued me.  I am not  
> able to answer, but perhaps one of you has an idea.  I didn't think  
> Amorphophallus would stand the winter in Ohio.  Isn't it semi-tropical?
> Here is the query:
> About 15 years ago we received 1 bulb of the Amorphohallus rivieri. At  
> last count we have 75 plants growing around our property. These 75  
> have not been planted or in any way encouraged. They just sprout where  
> ever they choose and surprise us in out of the way locations far from  
> anyother clumps. If they are a bulb, how are they spreading? In all  
> these years we have only had one plant produce seed. Each spring there  
> will be only one or two that bloom, for which I am very thankful!! I  
> have done internet searches and am unable to find an answer to the  
> abundant proliferation of this unique plant on our property. We live  
> in Cincinnati, OH.
> Diane Whitehead
> a long long way from Ohio.
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