Virus (was x Amarygia leaves)

Adam Fikso
Tue, 20 Jul 2010 17:02:33 PDT
There's more than one question here, just as there are many plant viruses,l 
and families of viruses. tobamoviruses,. cucumber viruses, potato viruses, 
and lest you think so, be aware that just because the name sugggests that 
potatoes are affected by certain viruses, this does not mean that the virus 
has read the book (memorializing the  discovery of the entity) and only 
attack, say, potatoes.  There are iris viruses, peony viruses, etc., and 
they all keep evolving.

I've not heard of anybody deliberately infecting a plant to make it 
variegated.  Where did you hear about it?  Very disturbing news, if true.

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I've heard of people using Aphids to give plants variegation, is this sort 
virus spreadable to other plants through other plants? What would be the 
for people would want that? It's obvious that the plant is sick which would
make it undesirable, right?

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