blooming now

Kathleen Sayce
Sun, 18 Jul 2010 15:27:44 PDT
My garden is in a cool and foggy area, so I am delighted to report  
today that Crinum xpowellii has opened its first flowers of the year.  
Also, the foliage of Amaryllis belladonna finally died back, so  
flowers should be along in a few weeks.

Plants that survived last winter, to my surprise: a Eucomis, and two  
Lobelias (L. tupa and L. angustifolia). I knew the last had made it  
when I found vigorous small shoots a few months ago, but the L. tupa  
was rotting at ground level at that time, and I assumed it was an ex- 
plant. Also, a small clump of Eucomis came back--which I uncovered  
today, weeding my way through that flower bed.  We had a long wet  
winter, and two cold periods, one to 10F. These plants are tough.

Lilies are starting to flower here also, both native and hybrids.

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