You say tomato

James Waddick
Tue, 27 Jul 2010 07:29:52 PDT
Dear Friends,
	Excuse my foray into 'New Rules' obviously not intended as 
gospel or guidance.

	My major priority is understanding.

	No matter how mangled the words, letters and sound may be, as 
long as the intent is there... For example;  I have a friend who is a 
knowledgeable and quite able gardener. Although English is his first 
language he disdains scientific names mostly out of fear of saying 
the wrong thing. In close quarters and among friends he will make a 
Latin utterance.

	We were talking lilies a while back and I referred to Lilium 
superbum, a name whose emphasis seems to be the word 'superb' with a 
less stressed 'um' ending. He replied about Lilium superbum as a dual 
stressed 'super' and 'bum'. I suppressed a major laugh after getting 
a mental picture of a well endowed rear end.

	But I did understand the real subject.

	So it goes. 	Superb.		Jim W.
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