Epiphytic Bulbs

Josh Young joshy46013@yahoo.com
Sat, 17 Jul 2010 14:07:44 PDT

    I am MORE than happy with the bulbs I got from you today!  I talked my 
friend into letting me keep his bulb as well lol!  

 I do have a Clivia Variegated Daruma that I've been growing in Orchid Bark, 
Vermiculite, Perlite, Gypsum a Very small amount a Peat.  It has done amazing in 
this mix!  That's also what I grow my Taccas in and my Worsleya is very similar, 
minus the peat!  I could see how Clivia could be grown Epiphytic considering the 
Fleshy Thick Root!

Are there any other bulbs I am missing for the Epiphytic side?

I've got  Worsleya, Hipp. Aulicum, Hipp Calyptratum and I have Pamianthe 
Peruviana on the way :)   I do have Griffinia Liboniana, is it Epiphytic?   I 
don't think it is?   Or Hipp. Papilio?   I think I may have read somewhere that 
both of those can be.. I'm not sure If I am making that up tho lol.   



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