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Sat, 10 Jul 2010 02:01:36 PDT

A warning to all of you if you see this lady at Ebay the 25 of April this year i bid on a bulb of S cyrtanthiflora and i missed it but i got a second chance via Ebay and i paid 232.00 USD for this rare bulb, crazy as I am but this species is extremely hard to obtain as you all know and very beautiful too!

And I have not got any bulb in spite of several mails to the seller and my last 5-6 mails has she refused to reply to and it is totally quite from this lady since more than a month ago about this matter.

Not fun at all to be lurked on a bulb of this dignity and all the money I have paid for it.

Ebay and PayPal can't help me because the time is limited to 45 days after purchase.

My last and only chance is to contact an American court of law, but I do not know if it will cost me money if i decide to try this last chance to get neither the bulb or my money back.

Here is here name:
Dana C. Harris 
 Horticultural Specialist / University of North Carolina @ Charlotte
 9201 University City Boulevard / Charlotte, NC 28223
 Phone 704-687-2198 |

If anyone of you know anything about this lady please let me know via my private email, and it looks not nice at all if she in reality works on the above University, or if everything is a big bluff?
All this is a really "dirty behaviour" to do against another person.

I have searched for employees via  and they can't find any employee with this name, odd very odd?

So now the rest is up to the person/persons that are responsible for this list if you decide to publish this mail or not?
Best regards
Tomas Sandberg

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