Alophia drummondii

Dennis Kramb
Fri, 02 Jul 2010 14:10:45 PDT
Those of you on the Iris-Species mailing list should have just enjoyed 
my 5 wonderful photos of Alophia drummondii.  :-)  For those of you that 
would like to enjoy them, you can follow the links:

In hindsight I should have posted them this way to the Iris-Species 
group since I didn't realize how big the files were.  The dialuppers are 
gonna be annoyed with me.  Ooops.

Take special note of the color of the pollen.  It's so beautiful!  And I 
had never quite realized that before.  I'm so glad I caught this flower 
in bloom.

Dennis in Cincinnati (proud to be able to pronounce "Alophia drummondii" 
without any doubt in his mind)

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