ants & bulbs
Wed, 28 Jul 2010 12:20:22 PDT
As you know one ant nest can easily cover your entire  property.   We live 
on a giant ant nest.  Ants feed on termite  larvae.  If they are coming out 
of electrical sockets and crawling in a  steady stream through your house 
and into another socket or such, then have the  house tented for termites.
For ants all over the garden, the Ant Pro system works very well.  It  
seems expensive but is very little work on your part and wipes out most of the  
nests in about 3 weeks.  You can find it on-line at _www.kmantpro.com_ 
(   Read their information  to determine how many bait 
stations you need.
You can do the same thing with a lot more work but cheaper yourself.   
Collect as many empty plastic spice containers as you can find.  The kind  with 
the plastic lids with holes to sprinkle out spices.  Make a solution  of 
boric acid, water, sugar or honey, heat to dissolve everything, cool and put  a 
small amount in each container.  Put the lid with holes back on and lay  
these on their side all over your garden.  This allows ants to crawl in and  
feed but  anything larger than an ant cannot crawl in.  If you have  dogs 
that would pick these up and chew on them then it may not be a good  idea.
If you use this method, you should check the containers almost daily to  
make sure the ants like your mixture, to clean and refill as necessary.  So  
make a list of where you put them.
You can find many recipes on line for the boric acid mixture.  Using  less 
boric acid allows each ant to carry the toxic food back to the nest 7-8  
times before dying.  Using a little more kills them quicker.
For boric acid, do not buy the pharmacy grade which is more expensive but  
go to the hardware store and buy Roachproof.  It comes in a plastic  
container closer to quart size for two to four dollars.  I will last a long  time.
Good luck, Carolyn Craft

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